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Hey Troop 25,
I’d like to close this event with a few thoughts on the Food Vigil.
My memory of the weekend will be that it was busy and fun! We had an impressive turn out. Scouts and parents were coming and going all the time. Some scouts had band, sports, or family obligations to fulfill, but as they left, others would quickly return to replace them. Older scouts got to know newer scouts, as well as their parents. It was great to visit with members of the other troop in town, and to be invited to watch a movie inside with them and get out of the cold for a while.
This year, I noticed just how many people it takes for an outing to work. In Scouting, we need at least two leaders all the time. From Friday night to Sunday morning is a big commitment for adults, and we sure had more than two of them! We had parents that brought all kinds of useful gear, parents that were fearless about sleeping out in below zero weather, and parents that drove us around to drop off flyers and pick up food donations.
Many scouts ticked off advancement requirements, and at least two scouts should advance a rank. It’s a great thing to help out our community and the people around us. Thank you to everyone who came, donated food, and helped out.

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