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congressional award

Did you know Congress gives out a prestigious award to young people who meet certain goals in four key areas: voluntary public service, personal development, physical fitness and expedition/exploration? Did you know that you can earn this award just by doing what you already do as a Scout? Did you know it looks really good on a resume?

…Because I didn’t.

wojak crying

I really wish I knew about this before I did my Eagle Project. It may be too late for me, but there’s still time for all of you. The key is to register now!

For more information, click here.


The New England Base Camp is offering a ton of virtual merit badge classes over the rest of the winter and spring this year! Make sure to take advantage of this while you still can, because slots for these are going to fill up fast!

Earth Science Week

Environmental Science – Monday, February 1 & Thursday, February 4 – 4-6pm EST

Sustainability – Tuesday, February 2 & Thursday, February 4 – 4-6pm EST

Soil & Water Conservation – Wednesday, February 3 – 4-7pm EST

Sign up for Earth Science Week here.

Outdoor Pursuits Week

Signs, Signals, & Codes – Monday, February 8 & Thursday, February 11 – 4-6pm EST

Geocaching – Tuesday, February 9 – 4-7pm EST

Cooking – Wednesday, February 10 & Friday, February 12 – 4-6pm EST – ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT

Sign up for Outdoor Pursuits Week here.

February Vacation* Week

Aviation – Wednesday, February 17 & Friday, February 19 – 10am-1pm EST

Geology – Thursday, February 18 – 10am-1pm EST

Sign up for February Vacation Week here.

*This is not our vacation week. You will most likely have school on these days, unless we go remote or there’s a snow day.

Creative Arts Week

Animation – Monday, February 22 & Thursday, February 25 – 10am-12pm EST

Scouting Heritage – Monday, February 22 – 3-6pm EST

Citizenship in the Nation – Tuesday, February 23 – 10am-1pm EST

Pulp & Paper – Tuesday, February 23 – 3-6pm EST

Art – Wednesday, February 24 & Friday, February 26 – 3-5pm EST

Sculpture – Thursday, February 25 – 3-5pm EST

Sign up for Creative Arts Week here.

Hobbies Week

Railroading – Monday, March 1 & Thursday, March 4 – 4-6pm EST

Moviemaking – Tuesday, March 2 & Friday, March 5 – 4-6pm EST

Music – Wednesday, March 3 – 4-7pm EST

Sign up for Hobbies Week here.

Global Citizen Week

Cooking – Monday, March 8 & Friday, March 12 – 4-6pm EST

Citizenship in the World – Tuesday, March 9 – 4-7pm EST – ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT

Citizenship in the Nation – Thursday, March 11 – 3-6pm EST

Sign up for Global Citizen Week here.

STEM Week March

Animal Science – Monday, March 15 & Wednesday, March 17 – 1-4pm EST

Nuclear Science – Tuesday, March 16 & Thursday, March 18 – 11am-1pm EST

NOVA Award – Mendel’s Minions – Tuesday, March 16 & Thursday, March 18 – 4-6pm EST – ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT

Drafting – Wednesday, March 17 & Friday, March 19 – 5-7pm EST

Sign up for STEM Week March here.

Careers Week

Landscape Architecture – Monday, March 22 – 4-7pm EST

Journalism – Tuesday, March 23 & Thursday, March 25 – 4-6pm EST

Law – Wednesday, March 24 & Friday, March 26 – 4-6pm EST

Odd Stuff Week March

Coin & Stamp Collecting – Monday, March 29 – 4-7pm EST

Graphic Arts – Tuesday, March 30 & Thursday, April 1 – 4-6pm EST

Chess – Wednesday, March 31 – 4-7pm EST

Sign up for Odd Stuff Week March here.

Public Health Week

Emergency Preparedness – Monday, April 5 & Wednesday, April 7 – 4-6pm EST – SOLD OUT

Crime Prevention – Tuesday, April 6 – 4-7pm EST

Safety – Thursday, April 8 – 4-7pm EST

Sign up for Public Health Week here.

Sports Week

Athletics – Monday, April 12 & Wednesday, April 14 – 4-6pm EST

Personal Fitness – Tuesday, April 13 & Thursday, April 15 – 4-6pm EST

Sports – Friday, April 16 – 4-7pm EST

Sign up for Sports Week here.

STEM Camp Week

Programming – Monday, April 19 & Wednesday, April 21 – 10am-12pm EST

Environmental Science – Tuesday, April 20 & Thursday, April 22 – 10am-12pm EST

NOVA Award – Next Big Thing – Tuesday, April 20 & Thursday, April 22 – 2-4pm EST – ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT

Chess – Friday, April 23 – 1-4pm EST

Sign up for STEM Camp Week here.

Odd Stuff Week April

Game Design – Monday, April 26 & Thursday, April 29 – 4-6pm EST

Automotive Maintenance – Tuesday, April 27 – 11am-2pm EST

Genealogy – Tuesday, April 27 – 4-7pm EST

Golf – Thursday, April 29 – 1-4pm EST

Sign up for Odd Stuff Week April here. 



Scouting for Food was a big success! The Pelham Food Pantry is busier than ever this year, and Scouts went above and beyond to help our community. Thank you to everyone who participated!



December 12th and 13th (Arrival/departure times TBA)


An overnight campout at Camp Carpenter.
Your SPL will send information regarding arrival and departure times.
What will we do?

  • Plan to cook supper on an open fire.
  • Ramp up your wood tools skills (axe, saw, and knives)
  • Demonstrate first aid skills  for injuries associated with cooking, wood tools, and winter camping.
  • Build a pioneering gadget using lashing and staves.
  • Play games in the woods.

Due to the limited number of Scouts allowed, this will be a “one patrol” event, and the SPL will act as the Patrol Leader.

How to Prepare:

  • Each scout will sleep in their own tent.  It is preferred you sleep in a backpacking “style” tent or hammock.
  • Talk with your Patrol Leader / SPL if you are interested in serving as Quartermaster for this event.
  • Make sure you have a head lamp (preferred) or flashlight.
  • Dress for cold weather with layers. Your sleeping bag needs to be appropriate for 15 degree weather. If not, consider bringing extra quilt/blanket. You MUST have a foam pad or insulation under your bag.
  • For sleeping you SHOULD have a head cover.



Congratulations to Cole for becoming an Eagle Scout! For his Eagle project, he spearheaded a campaign to give a much-needed renovation to the Pelham Senior Center. This included taking down a large dilapidated gazebo, planting a sweeping garden of heritage perennials in its place, and installing a new, safe handrail for senior citizens to use. We are so proud of you and your leadership!



We had a great turnout for our campout on August 14th! It was the first time we all got to see each other in a long time, and even with masks and social distancing, we still had a good time. Thank you to Mr. Kupcho and Mr. Wojcik for staying over and making the event extra fun!


Hello Scouts and Parents!

We hope that you have been having a good and safe summer! In past years, we have invited hundreds of Scouts to our college campus to participate in our Merit Badge University. This year, we are still planning to hold the event, but will be doing it online, likely over Zoom. We are looking forward to 2020 Merit Badge University, and hope you are too!

The dates for this year’s MBU are November 7th and November 21st!

We will be offering the following badges remotely:

  • American Business

  • Art

  • Chemistry

  • Chess

  • Citizenship in the Community

  • Citizenship in the Nation

  • Citizenship in the World

  • Composite Materials

  • Digital Technology

  • Electronics

  • Energy

  • Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • First Aid

  • Game Design

  • Music

  • Oceanography

  • Photography

  • Programming

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Public Speaking

  • Soil and Water Conservation

  • Sustainability

  • Textile

The registration price will be only $5.00 per scout. Registration will be tentatively set for Friday, September 4th at 5:00 PM. We will let you know shortly if this date is final.

We are aware the website is out of date and are in the process of updating it.

If you know of anyone else who would like to get updates about this year’s MBU, please have them fill out THIS form.

If you have any questions about this year’s MBU, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you virtually in November!

-Alpha Phi Omega Merit Badge University Committee

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