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Troop 25 had an awesome fire-building competition last night! We tried many different ways to start a basic fire using magnesium, ferro rods, bird nests, log cabins, and unsurprisingly, matches. It seemed that matches were the most successful method. Thanks to everyone who came!


popcorn breakdance

Popcorn season is almost here! If you sell enough, you can pay your way to Hidden Valley, high adventure bases, or even further beyond!

  • Online Sales will offer FREE SHIPPING.
    Free Shipping for online orders.Yes. It’s true. BOOM!
  • The Trail’s End App is LIVE!! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY on your SmartPhone!
    Check it out:
    The app allows Scouts to track and report real-time storefront, wagon (aka; show & deliver) and online sales, accept cash and credit cards, track inventory by Scout and manage storefront shift(s) sign ups.
    Powered by Square | Paid by Trail’s End

    Every Scout, every sale, will receive FREE payment processing with swipe capability through the Trail’s End App. The app is powered by Square, the leading credit card solution for units.

If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Koes.


Hey guys. School is OUT, so now we’ve got a little extra time. Let’s talk advancement! Most of you guys haven’t advanced much during the school year. but did you know you’ve probably already completed a lot of the activities needed for your next rank advancement? How do I know? The activities we do at scout meetings and when we go camping are chosen at the PLC because they’re fun, and they help with advancement!

Check out these links, and click on the one you’re trying to complete:

Scout –


Second Class –

First Class – 

Star –

Life –

During the summer, I usually had a couple of these going at a time. You don’t have to use the worksheets, but it does make it much easier to keep track of things and advance. If you need help with something, like a knot, somebody to help with fitness goals, help with figuring out how a compass works, etc., there’s an older scout at the next meeting that can help you. Print them off and get working!

If you bring a completed form to the next meeting this Thursday (June 20th) and schedule a Scoutmaster conference with Mr. Wilkerson, you’ll win a prize! What are the prizes? It’s a surprise!

No printer? No paper? No worries! Your trusty webmaster will print them and deliver them today. Just contact me at Let Mr. Wilkerson know you will need a scout master conference so he can set aside the time.


Bushcraft Summit Encampment – Set for 4/13/2019

Sign up to attend our Bushcraft Summit on April 13-14. Experience tracking, wilderness navigation, survival skills. Bring an instrument and join us as we make some music / noise.  Event starts at 10:00 AM and ends on Sunday morning at 8:30 AM.

Sign-Up Link



The 2019 Klondike is coming! It will happen from February 8th to the 10th at the Pelham Fish & Game. The Klondike is an annual winter event in which our troop will divide into two large patrols and will pre-build our sleds before the event. Once, there, we will use our sled to go through the events and gather as many “nuggets” as possible.

The first event is the Skunk Round-up, where you have to tie a clove hitch to a tree as far as possible. The second event is the Bear Bag, where you must hang a bear bag from a tree. The third event is Flag Raising, where you must lash three staves together with your patrol flag at the top. The fourth event is the String Bird, where you have to burn a string with a fire. The fifth event is Knot-ical Knowledge, where you have to tie a randomized knot. The sixth is lunch, where you have to cook lunch on your own. The seventh is Finding the Treasure, where you have to navigate through a course with just your compass. The eighth is Gully Crossing, where the patrol strings a rope to get their sled and patrol across a gully. The ninth is Ice Rescue, where you must pretend to get a scout out of freezing water. The tenth is Traveling City, which you must fill out a worksheet and make up a song and dance.

Sled Equipment List:

  • Patrol-sized first aid kit (required to compete)
  • 50′ to 100′ of appropriate strength rope
  • Scout book
  • Staves
  • Compass
  • Proper clothing
  • Any other necessary equipment
  • Ingredients for lunch
  • Water
  • Cooking equipment
  • Cleanup material/trash bags
  • Patrol Flag



Good news, scouts! Our popcorn is in, and is ready to be distributed to those who bought it. Please contact Mrs. Koes for pickup.


christmas tree


Our trusty SPL, Cole, has begun the process of earning his Eagle rank. He needs your help to help complete this involved process. To do this, all he needs is for you to sign up to go to work at selling hot dogs during the Festival of Trees. This helps our SPL, and it also helps Pelham support non-profit groups in our community. But you have to be quick, so Cole can secure the funds and achieve the epic Eagle Scout rank.



Great news, Scouts! Daniel Webster has put together an exciting merit badge workshop series. There are 5 opportunities during the winter and spring to earn many merit badges, including Eagle-required merit badges! The merit badge counselors do a great job on these workshop series. These spots book up fast. If you are at all interested, book them today. Your webmaster has booked for spots in April, and will be happy to carpool for anyone in Troop 25.



On November 10th and 11th, Troop 25 joined with Troop 610 to participate in the annual Food Vigil at St. Patrick’s. The point of the Food Vigil is to help restock the food pantry, and help get the word out to members in our community who might need the food pantry or be able to help support it. Scouts went door-to-door and passed out dozens of brochures requesting food for Scouts to pick up. Big thanks to Mr. Helgemoe for organizing the brochure distribution and food pickup for both troops. Not only is this good to help stock the food pantry, but it also helps us remember how fortunate most of us are that we have something to eat in our own homes.


Troop 25 recently visited Camp Greenough. By our camp site we noticed an interesting wood craft building. We briefly stopped and visited with a gentleman who has been involved in scouting for over 75 years! He went simply by the name Uncle Ed.

As a master carpenter, Uncle Ed became involved in teaching woodcraft to Scouts in his retirement. There were no store bought wood crafts in his shop. He goes home and makes amazing kits for the boys to put together during camp. He usually teaches a dozen children at a time. When we met him he was there in the early morning hours expanding a table to fit more kids on.

The program is a complete success, and Uncle Ed has helped recreate this success at other camps, including one in Canada! Scouting is made up of many amazing leaders that quietly give their time and talents. We are so grateful to have these unsung leaders in scouting!


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