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It was a rainy day on the Charles River. Three of our most courageous, intrepid scouts braved everything the weather threw at us and went for an afternoon at SOAR. We threw knives, tomahawks, and even got a free tour of a crime surveillance van courtesy of the police! Over 3,000 scouts were there, having a great time! And we had a great time.

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OCTOBER 6th 2016

Welcome to our newest scout/convert from Troop 610, Cole Wilkerson!
This week we’ll meet and learn who among us is best skilled at preparing kindling. If you have one, please bring a hand axe or hatchet.
All scouts:
Bring a headlamp, work gloves, and safety glasses.
Bring your handbook
Wear a proper uniform with appropriate rank insignia, neckerchief, and slide.
Geezer Patrol:
Make time during the meeting to plan your roles for the upcoming encampment.
If you need a Scoutmaster Conference:
Be sire your uniform is up to date.
What you will do:
1. Each patrol will setup a proper wood yard.
2. Each member will demonstrate proper handling of a hand axe or hatchet for the purpose of creating kindling.
3. Patrols will compete by creating a bundle of kindling (there will be a measure provided). The goal is to achieve the goal safely and in the least amount of time.
NOTE: If you believe you earned the following but do not posses the card or patch associated with the award, please speak with Mr. Wilkerson on Thursday night.
Totn’ Chip
Firem’n Chit


Greetings Scouts,

Welcome to Our Newest Member:
Joshua MacNeil

Scout Meeting for Thursday September 29

Be prepared:
Headlamps or flashlights
Rain gear (including hat or hood)
Scout Handbook
Review your Scout Handbook on how to build a fire.
Patrol Leaders: Patrol Flag, printed fire platform instructions
Scoutmaster will bring:
Flag for outdoor pole
Materials to construct fire platforms
Blank blue cards
What We’ll Do:
Construct a fire platform (instructions to be provided)
Gather materials for tinder, kindling, and fuel.
Using a match, each scout will build and light a fire.
Points to ponder:
What “lay” works best for getting large sustained flames quickly?
What about for boiling water?
What’s a big difference between tinder and kindling?
Dues are Due
It is time to collect yearly dues. 
Money collected from dues pay for our Troop charter and activities throughout the year.
– $85 per scout
– Due November 1
– Cash or check made out to Troop 25
Coming Events
SOAR October 8-10 Charles River in Boston
All scouts are invited to participate.  Patrol leaders need to discuss this with their patrols on this Thursday night.
An info sheet is attached. Looks great. Merit Badges, Kayaking, Ropes/Cope activities, and lots more.
Historic Trails Award October 14-16
Camp, hike, and entertain from Friday night until Sunday morning.
We’ll camp out at Raymond on Friday and leave EARLY on Saturday morning for a 1/2 day hike along the Freedom Trail.
Scouts will muster the Pelham Minutemen and “induct” interested Webelos into the militia. The militia will learn the Manual of Arms and practice close order drill and gain an understanding of Pelham’s role in the last days of the Colonial era and the onset of the American revolution.
Community Service Opportunities
Scouting for Food / Food Vigil – November 12
Community Supper
Litter Removal


Acadia was great! It was one of our better trips, with great weather and a great campsite! We hiked up Mt. Cadillac, biked around Mount Desert Island, visited Thunder Hole, and worked on our Astronomy Merit Badge under a beautiful night sky!

Cape Cod, Fifty Miles by Bicycle, and Troop 25

Scouts from the troop spent a recent weekend on the cape and proved their toughness by riding fifty miles in less than eight hours. This ride took place early in our riding season well before most of the scouts had a chance to build up the kind of endurance needed to sustain that kind of saddle time. Well done scouts!

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