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The Klondike will be held on Friday, January 27th to the 29th at Camp Carpenter. This is a good way to rack up your frost points and to get camping merit badge requirements.

Klondike Tips!

  • Equipment – make sure all equipment is present and in good working order – there’s nothing worse than your Team losing points because you didn’t check this out before hand.  Packing – Involve your youth in the packing of your sled. Make sure they know what they have, where it is and what it is used for
  • Practice pulling your sled – Maneuvering the trail, turning corners and going down hills requires skill and practice.
  • Dress – Make sure your team is dressed appropriately for the weather. Be prepared for cold, wind, and wet.
  • Know your youth – What are your youth able to do? How far can you push them? Can they handle a full day of Klondike Activities?
  • Team work – Practice using other team work drills. Establish a fair system for who is “mushing”, running passports etc.
  • Motivation – Keep the event fun, while challenging them to go a little faster or work a little harder along the way. Once the fun stops, so will their motivation. Be supportive all along, while encouraging and praising hard work.
  • Scouting Skills – If you’ve been to a Klondike before, the basic skills are tried, tested and almost guaranteed to be there again. Practice these skills. If you’ve never been, practice basic Scouting skills. (Try fire lighting, knots, first aid, compass, lashing)
  • Register Early – and get the start time you want! Make your team commitment as early as possible to allow time to practice and prepare.

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