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The 2019 Klondike is coming! It will happen from February 8th to the 10th at the Pelham Fish & Game. The Klondike is an annual winter event in which our troop will divide into two large patrols and will pre-build our sleds before the event. Once, there, we will use our sled to go through the events and gather as many “nuggets” as possible.

The first event is the Skunk Round-up, where you have to tie a clove hitch to a tree as far as possible. The second event is the Bear Bag, where you must hang a bear bag from a tree. The third event is Flag Raising, where you must lash three staves together with your patrol flag at the top. The fourth event is the String Bird, where you have to burn a string with a fire. The fifth event is Knot-ical Knowledge, where you have to tie a randomized knot. The sixth is lunch, where you have to cook lunch on your own. The seventh is Finding the Treasure, where you have to navigate through a course with just your compass. The eighth is Gully Crossing, where the patrol strings a rope to get their sled and patrol across a gully. The ninth is Ice Rescue, where you must pretend to get a scout out of freezing water. The tenth is Traveling City, which you must fill out a worksheet and make up a song and dance.

Sled Equipment List:

  • Patrol-sized first aid kit (required to compete)
  • 50′ to 100′ of appropriate strength rope
  • Scout book
  • Staves
  • Compass
  • Proper clothing
  • Any other necessary equipment
  • Ingredients for lunch
  • Water
  • Cooking equipment
  • Cleanup material/trash bags
  • Patrol Flag

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