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The attached guide is for parents, leaders, and scouts. Please read it over, as it is very relevant to anyone who is going to camp this summer at Hidden Valley. Above is a packed supply trunk for camp. Make sure to put your name on everything. There is a recommended supply list included in the guide, as well as updates and changes made to the camp since last year, as well as times for drop-off and pick up. Bring your medical forms, and have fun!

P.S.: If you have ANY partials that need to be taken care of, run the workbooks/blue cards by the Scoutmaster and you may be able to get them completed at camp.


Troop 25 drove up to Loudon, New Hampshire for the day to check out the 2018 NH Scout Jamboree. Lots of fun activities. Hidden Valley Scout Camp sent up their shotguns and rifles. Sig Sauer sent P320 hand guns and an awesome range was built. Safety was clearly the job number one at the scout range. Lots of trained safety officers and huge berm made this a really cool station.

Woodcarving station was amazing! This station consisted of a scout leader carving life sized giant bears and eagles out of wood. He used chain saws and carving tools. This station leader is the Dad of two Eagle Scouts! There were also rope bridges and towers made by scouts.There was a station of dogs being trained for the blind. One big black lab didn’t make the cut for being a guide dog, because she loved people so much that she couldn’t always remember the work part of being a guide dog! The Guide Dog organization found an excellent home for this ‘nearly’ perfectly trained, beautiful dog.

The hit of World’s Religions station was Mr. Pannu. He is the a scout leader and the the dad of two Eagle Scouts. Mr. Pannu explained to the crowd that gathered around him any questions asked about Sikhism. On the outside of the tent some Scouts were having their heads wrapped in free turbans. The only rules were that the turban wasn’t a joke or to be discarded in a disrespectful manner. The turban is an article of faith and also helps with the wearer’s uncut hair, with differently colored turbans being worn on different occasions. It was interesting to meet Mr. Pannu because the only person of the Sikhism faith that I knew of before was Captain Nemo. Mr. Pannu mentioned that one of his sons wrote a book about his religion, and he is now a Rutgers University student! His other son became an Eagle Scout at age twelve! Mr. Pannu was even in “Scouting Magazine!”

The end of the day was great. I just made it on to the bungee jumping station before it closed. Great people, great fun!

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camprichardnantucket nantucket2


We will be going to Camp Richard on Nantucket Island for 2018’s high adventure scouting trip! You are HIGHLY encouraged to bring your bikes to this trip. We will also be going to other places around Nantucket, to swim, bike, and explore! The trip will be on Labor Day weekend. Hope to see you there!



  • Who: you, and Troop 25!
  • What: the New Hampshire State Jamboree!
  • Where: the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, at 1122 NH-106, Loudon, NH, 03307.
  • When: the Jamboree starts at May 4th at 12:00 AM and ends on May 6th at 12:00 AM. Our troop will be deciding what time to go on Thursday.
  • Why: to have fun!

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We have just received several new scouts crossing over to Troop 25! Their new patrol, the Eagle Patrol (pending name), is a welcome addition to the troop! If you are a new scout, start working on the Scout rank and make sure to get your requirements signed off by Jack, Cole, or one of the assistant scoutmasters. It’s really easy and a lot of fun! Thank you for joining Troop 25!


sameagle2 sameagle1

On March 24th, 2018, our newly-crowned Eagle Scout Sam has flown the nest! Sam’s eagle project was to help the Congregational Church to replace old, dilapidated tables that they use for Old Home Day. He got all of the tables replaced and all of the funds needed, and the project was a huge success! Sam, an Order of the Arrow member, had many distinguished guests of honor at his court of honor, including representatives of the VFW, the local police force, and members of the Board of Selectmen, as well as receiving written congratulations from every living U.S. President, the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, the Boston Bruins, and Shepard Smith. Congratulations, Sam!



The Klondike was a success! We successfully navigated through all 10 courses with time to spare, and both patrols won an award at the Klondike Awards Ceremony! We had a roaring fire Friday night, breakfast with the Order of the Arrow on Saturday morning, and set off to a great competition! The Epic Geckos remain the undisputed champions of the Caber Toss, and the Flaming Penguins zoomed to new heights in the Sled Dog Sprint! All in all, a great weekend made possible by great leaders, and we’ll do even better next time!



Blind triplets Leo, Nick, and Steven Cantos have all recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout without any extensions or special conditions. We would like to extend our congratulations to these three remarkable young men.



On February 9th to February 11th, the Klondike Derby will be hosted. This is a chance for our troop to show off our pioneering skills and win the Derby. We need to be up to date with our knots, so if there are any knots you don’t know, take a half hour a day over vacation to learn them. You should go because you will get rank requirements signed off, as well as Frost Points for camping out in below-freezing weather. It’s also a lot of fun, so make sure to come!



Do you have any partially completed merit badges? Come on, a scout is trustworthy, of course you do! If you have partials from any of the 136 merit badges currently offered by the BSA, then you can come down to GSR on either January 26th or January 27th to get your partials completed, signed off, and earned! The cost is $10 – $35 depending on what other activities you choose to do there, including escape rooms, triathlons, camping in a cabin, crackerbarrels, and more! Sign up fast!

Sign up here:

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