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Hi Everyone!
As many of you know, the Troop signed up to sell Adventure Card as a fundraiser.  Given the stay-at-home orders and economic down-turn, the sale has been difficult to complete.
In an effort to sell our minimum, I am offering a free fabric mask to anyone that purchases an Adventure Card.  They are $10 each.
The Adventure Card offers these one-time savings:
– $5 off $50 at Shaws
– $5 off $25 at Tractor Supply
– $10 off $50 at Dicks
– Free $20 Game Play at Dave and Busters
The Adventure Card offers these re-use savings:
– $5 of $25 at Buffalo Wild Wings
– $5 off at Altitude
– Complimentary App at Common Man
Plus savings at Papa Johns, Fisher Cats, Tire Warehouse, Valvoline, Subway, SubZero and Lil Dudez N Divas
Mask, card delivery and payment will be coordinated in keeping with social distance guidelines.
Thank you to all who have already purchased cards!
Mrs. Koes


national camp in

In just three days, the National Camp-In will begin, starting on May 2nd, 2020, at 11:00 AM EST. Boy Scouts all over the country are participating in this, and by pitching a tent in your backyard, you and your family can join as well!

You can earn your Movie-Making merit badge (email Mr. Wilkerson for blue card, worksheet here), join a Q&A session with Steve Wozniak, run in a virtual 5K to benefit Feeding America. Even kids not currently enrolled in Scouting can join in the fun, so invite your friends and have your parents post pictures on Facebook!


Last Friday, we held our Fire Friday challenge!

I didn’t get too many pics, so please, if you have any photos of you with your fires, send them to me. So far, only myself, David, and Hunter have sent in pics. If you need inspiration for some fires, check out this video.


Thanks to everyone that stepped up to our Earth Day challenge! If you want to send in pictures, there’s still time!


adventure cards

We have a lot of cards. We need to sell them. This is going to be challenging because of corona, but I have faith in you all. You earn 50% commission on every card you sell, and the cards are $10 each. You can use these cards to help pay for summer camp, high adventure bases, and other opportunities.

We can’t go door to door. Tell your friends and family online that you’re selling them, and to send you money through the mail. In exchange, you’ll send them their order through the mail. When you get four interested customers, let me know and I’ll get some cards to leave at your house.

The Deals

One-time Use

Dave & Busters – $20 Free gameplay with $20 purchase. Also, 10% off special events. Valid at the Manchester, NH location opening March 2020

Dick’s Sporting Goods – $10 Off Purchase of $50 or more

Shaw’s – $5 Off Purchase of $50 or more

Tractor Supply – $5 Off Purchase of $25 or more

Multi-use Deals

Altitude Jump Park – $5 off a 60, or 90 minute jump. Valid at Concord, Merrimack, and Pelham locations

Buffalo Wild Wings – $5 off purchase of $25 or more (Food Only). All NH Locations

Common Man Restaurants – FREE APPETIZER with purchase of 2 Entrees

NH Fisher Cats – Buy 2 regular season tickets, get 2 FREE

Papa John’s Pizza – Buy any Pan, Large or XL Pizza, Get Another of Equal of Lesser Value FREE

Subway – Buy the footlong of the day and receive TWO free sides

SubZero Ice Cream – Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Nashua location.

Tire Warehouse – $50 off set of tires or $25 off an Automotive Service


Image result for coronavirus

I’ve heard a lot (maybe even too much) about coronavirus lately, so I’m posting this here to clear up any misconceptions.

Stay safe, wash your hands, don’t pick your nose.


Troop 25 (Pelham) is pleased to welcome our newest member, Nick from Pack 80 in Dracut!

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