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Hey guys. School is OUT, so now we’ve got a little extra time. Let’s talk advancement! Most of you guys haven’t advanced much during the school year. but did you know you’ve probably already completed a lot of the activities needed for your next rank advancement? How do I know? The activities we do at scout meetings and when we go camping are chosen at the PLC because they’re fun, and they help with advancement!

Check out these links, and click on the one you’re trying to complete:

Scout –


Second Class –

First Class – 

Star –

Life –

During the summer, I usually had a couple of these going at a time. You don’t have to use the worksheets, but it does make it much easier to keep track of things and advance. If you need help with something, like a knot, somebody to help with fitness goals, help with figuring out how a compass works, etc., there’s an older scout at the next meeting that can help you. Print them off and get working!

If you bring a completed form to the next meeting this Thursday (June 20th) and schedule a Scoutmaster conference with Mr. Wilkerson, you’ll win a prize! What are the prizes? It’s a surprise!

No printer? No paper? No worries! Your trusty webmaster will print them and deliver them today. Just contact me at Let Mr. Wilkerson know you will need a scout master conference so he can set aside the time.

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